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PC Peripheral Support

We offer technical support for your important computer peripherals such as printers, scanners, webcams, sound box, etc. Our highly qualified technicians take care of installing the correct driver and software configuration process. We examine and resolve error messages and problems straight away. No delay Guaranteed.

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PC Peripheral Support

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Our Packages includes the following:
  • Printer Support
  • Scanner Support
  • Digital camera support
  • MP3 Player Support
  • Apple Product Support
  • PDA/Smartphone Support

Printer & Scanner-related Technical Support from ValueCare includes:
  • Paper jam
  • Misfeeds
  • Previously lined document does not cancel
  • Spooler problems
  • Ghosting
  • Driver missing for a particular operating system
  • Smearing
  • Documents failed to print
  • Printer not recognized
  • Not connected on the network
  • Printer offline
  • Issues with a solution center

Digital Camera Technical Support from ValueCare includes:
  • Setup new or old DIGICAM with PC
  • Help you connect the right cables and connectors, remotely install or update the drivers, software & updates for the best use of your Digital Camera
  • Help you use the basic features of your Digital Camera
  • Help you transfer or print your favourite pictures from your Digital Camera


So, why are you waiting for? Annual Charges for Unlimited Technical Support for just $150

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